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Smoothing out the bumps.

Last year I wrote a post about taking on a part time job, but I didn't share the details. I wanted to see how it worked out, if I liked them and if they liked me first.

I've gone through my trial period and have been invited to stay. So what is it? Where is it?

Well, I work for as a gemstone auctioneer. If you're not familiar with Catawiki, please do stop by. Catawiki is an auction website for collectable items. They auction everything from Militaria, Coins, LEGO, Art to Gemstones and Diamonds. Catawiki often has some exceptional lots such as a Mammoth skeleton, Ewan McGregor's motorbike and even the camera that captured the world famous picture of Che Guevara. Basically, if it's collectable, it's on Catawiki.

So what's s special about Catawiki? Aren't there other, better known, auction sites out there? Catawiki is different. Every single lot is screened by an expert in that particular field before it is offered for auction. Every possible detail that can be examined and checked without handling the item, is. These lots are then planned into a auction and you can bid on them by placing an actual bid or and auto bid, where bids are automatically placed until the maximum bid you have entered is reached.

All lots start at just 1 euro. The bit I love the most is that sniping is not possible like on other auction sites. This is because the bidding time gets extended if a bid is placed in the last minute, just like a traditional auction. So if you're a serious collector you won't lose out to the use of specialist sniping software.

My role is as one of the auctioneers screening lots and refusing them if they don't make the grade as well as those needing a little more information. I also collate an auction and handle queries relating to it. It's very interesting work and I get to see many things that otherwise I wouldn't. I get great satisfaction from helping sellers to improve the quality of their lots, in content, description and images.

I went out to Assen, The Netherlands, for a period of training last year along with a few others that were recently taken on. The training was pretty intensive and I learnt a great many things about the systems whilst there. I also got to meet the key players in the company, including the founders and heads of all the departments. Along side that, I started my journey with a few of the other auctioneers and we keep in touch, there is a great sense of comradeship.

For a larger company, there is a very personal feel to it and every employee can make a difference. Whilst I was in my interview I was asked about their App. I gave them my feedback,maybe a little bluntly, and within the day something had changed. This was the critical point for me. They changed an aspect of there business, based on my feedback. This has continued, I have made numerous suggestions and they are listened to and acted on. This is a company I want to be involved with.

So there you are, that's it. I spend a few hours a week working for, for a regular income to smooth out the bumps, but I am still very much self employed jeweller also. Do stop by and have a look, if you collect anything, you'll probably find it there.

If you have any questions about buying and selling through Catawiki, please get in touch and I will do my best to answer them for you (or put you in touch with someone who can).

Best wishes,


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