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The "B" Word

Two subjects I always try to avoid in conversation are Religion and Politics. The reason is quite simple, for many, there aren't grey areas, it's simply "I'm right and you're wrong". "My god is the real god", which almost literally translates to politics as well. Many discussions on these subjects end in arguments and even end friendships. Life is far too short to fill with anger, arguments and general ill will. If asked, I will give my opinion, but it is an opinion not a truth, but I will not be dragged into a discussion on it.

Quite possibly the most used "B" word in the world at the moment is Brexit. It feels like the world is holding its breath waiting for a decision on this. Leading up to the vote on this, the general public were bombarded with "information" and had to make their decision. I, like many I'm sure, didn't have the time to read all of the published papers, so based my vote on what I thought was right from what I could work out. It was clear that the majority wanted to leave the EU and this is the process we are currently in.

I truly believe that if this was voted on again, the result would be different, but that's not the point. The point is that this important decision was handed over to the people of the UK, a vote was cast and a decision made. Voting is a privileged right we have in the UK and the government do not have the right to overturn or second guess it, so we need to deal with the consequences.

Whichever side of the vote people of the UK are on doesn't matter now as the process is moving forward. To sit and complain that "My future has been messed up by anti European old people" or "A soft border between Eire and Northern Ireland will lead to lots of immigrants in Liverpool" (heard in real life conversations) is pointless. What every citizen of the UK needs to do is roll their sleeves up and muck in as this is the only way we will move forward.

The Nation is a mess at the moment, we are still in a recession, large companies are failing,the banks messed up a few years back, our gold reserves were sold off a few years back, it all looks terrifying on the surface. But to look at all those points individually;

Can you see signs of the recession on the street? Yes, there are empty shops, but is that because people aren't spending or are they spending differently (online perhaps?).

Large companies are failing mainly due to the inability to change and diversify quickly. Sadly, Thomas Cook failed, but is this because people aren't going on holiday? Or because they are planning their holidays differently? People are still going on holiday.

Banks have always been greedy and it bit them in the behind. They are still being greedy, but have learned some lessons. The PPI situation gave them something to think about as well.

The gold reserves? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but still I don't think there was any real reason for doing this and that gold would have been very handy from 2008 onward.

My main point of this post is to say that a decision was handed to a democratic vote and whether that vote went your way or not, we're all in the same boat now. We need to row together to pass through the choppy waters. People of the UK, carry on regardless and ignore the media. The media tend to focus on negative, which breads more negative. To prove the point, scowl at someone and see if they smile back. If you smile, I'm sure they will to. To people from abroad reading this, visit the UK, we would be happy to see you and as an added bonus you get more Sterling for your Dollar, Euro or whichever currency at the moment (we do have a sense of humour as well). I can especially recommend the South West of England as we have some beautiful scenery and it's generally warmer than Scotland!

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