Acrylic Coin slabs with an, inert white, flexible interior.


This listing is for some of the more popular Silver Bullion coins sizes. Please note that the coins and labels are for display only and are not included in the sale, it's just the slab.


I have been looking for suitable hard cases for my coin collection for years and have finally found these. They are of a similar type used by the major coin certification companies. I have tested many types for suitability over the years and these are the best I have found.


They measure approximately 85mm x 60mm x 10mm and have a shallow depression for adding a catalogue card on the inside of approximately 42mm x 20mm.


If you are looking to house a collection and haven't tried these before, please only order one of each/any size to try first as many coins fit in slabs differently. There are separate listings in my shop for UK, US and Euro coins where I have physically tried the coins first.


Again Please Note: Coins and labels are not included, they are just for the pictures.


Thank you for looking.


P.S. These are the sizes I am keeping in stock, but if there are other coins sizes you are looking for, please let me know and I will see what I can do. 

Coin Slab for Silver Bullion Coins