Fine silver Tie shape pendant.


I've wanted to make this pendant for ages, ever since seeing a lady wearing a very short school tie around her neck to great effect. I had to make it from then on as it's a tongue in cheek nod to the old school tie.


This pendant is a combination of fine silver and fine gold and each one is unique, so please bear in mind that the pattern on the one you receive might be different to the one pictured. The spiral pattern is formed into the metal after the gold is applied. 


The pendant measures approximately 29mm x 15mm and the loop on the back is approximately 2mm in internal diameter.


This piece is supplied without a chain as it bears a full hallmark for Fine (99.9% pure) silver and chains are usually Sterling Silver, so it avoids confusion. If you want a chain, please get in touch and I'll see what I can do. Both the silver and gold in this piece are 100% recycled and the metals are refined close to me, so there are less "food miles" so to speak.


Keum Boo is a Korean technique of bonding pure gold foil to silver using heat and pressure. The process diffuses the gold and silver together, effectively "soaking in" to each other. The gold layer is thicker than most gilded jewellery giving a nice effect for a longer period of time. 


There are also matching earrings in my shop.


Thank you for looking and please have a look around my shop.

Keum Boo Fine Silver Tie Pendant.