Large Cultured freshwater pearl stud earrings on 9ct gold fittings.


Possibly the best lustre freshwater cultured pearls I've seen in a long time. The photographs never show them to their best, but I've tried. These are an impressive pair of freshwater cultured pearls. Very bright and pretty much clean of blemishes. These pearls caught my eye on a buying trip as they were incredibly bright for freshwater.


The pearls measure 10-10.5 mm in diameter and are mounted on 9ct gold fittings with 9ct scroll backs. They are of a pleasing white with a very slight cream overtone. These pearls are full round pearls rather than button shape or the type that has a blemish removed to become a 3/4 pearl. I don't use the "AA" etc. system as too many use it incorrectly.


You will find cheaper earrings of this size, but I prefer to offer quality. I can't stress how nice these are.

Large Pearl stud Earrings. 10-10.5 mm

SKU: 10-105FWCPstud