The Town Talk Jewel Sparkle Wand incorporates the cleaning power of their jewel sparkle cleaner in a gel combined with the practicality of a portable, brush tipped, wand.


"The Town Talk Jewel Sparkle cleaning formulation, this exceptionally clever cleaning wand will tease out ingrained dirt particles and grime from your jewellery and metal watch links. 


The unique cleaning gel is released through the brush with a twist of the wand. The gentle brush cleans even hard to reach jewel settings to leave your most precious gems and diamonds sparkling! Perfect for cleaning gold and hard gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires and amethysts."


To use, uncap the pen and twist the other end until the blue gel is seen coming through the brush fibres. Work the brush tip and gel gently around the piece to be cleaned using the brush to dislodge the dirt and the gel will clean  the piece. The instructions state when done to buff the piece dry with the enclosed Microfibre cloth and rinse the brush out to prevent the gel hardening in the bristles. I would go a step further and recommend rinsing the piece also before drying and buffing with the Microfibre cloth as it state to always wash your hands after each use, so the residues left on a piece could possibly cause and irritation.


This product is not designed to be used on softer, porous or oiled gemstones such as Opals, Coral, Cameos, Emeralds, Pearls or costume jewellery. If in doubt, please message me first.


The wand contains approximately 2ml (0.067fl oz) of gel and there is a 5.4cm x 8.4cm (2 1/" x 3 1/4") microfibre cloth included.


Please note that this item cannot be sent to the USA.


Thank you for looking and please have a look around my shop.


Please note that this product is on sale as it's the older style of packaging. It works just as well as the new product, but I wouold like to refresh the look.

Town Talk Jewel Sparkle Wand

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