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There are a number of payments options available on this website from Credit Cards to iDeal and Laybuy to Klarna. On occasion it also possible to pay by cash, cheque or trade/barter as well (a note for the tax man, if someone pays by trade/barter, I still issue an invoice for the full amount of the goods). Each payment system has it's own terms and conditions, much the same as your credit card may as well. Please see below for some information on the options available.


Currently I accept most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Union Pay, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and Cartes Bancaires. All online card payments are dealt with through Stripe who offer an efficient and secure service.




I offer both Laybuy and Klarna for each of these options and they work in a similar way, I get paid by them and you pay them in instalments. Both have their own specific Terms and Conditions which can be found on their websites. Due to a recent change in law, some of these products now require reporting and regulating by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Using these systems will result in credit checks being made and can affect your credit score. Both of these systems are handled Laybuy or Klarna internally, and I will not have any access to your payment details.


Another option that is possible on occasion and solely at my discretion is a payment plan where goods are paid for in instalments and then delivered when the final bill is settled. These payments can be made by any of the other payment methods other than Laybuy and Klarna. This is not an interest free credit system as I do not hold a credit brokers licence. Please do not get offended if I refuse to do this, but so far it's been more of a bad experience than good for me with customers letting me down.


This doesn't happen very often now, but cash and cheques are acceptable subject to checking and clearance as needed.


Again, not something that happens very often, but it may be possible. The key to this working is honesty, both between us and to the tax man. Any goods paid for in this way will have an invoice issued which will be entered in my accounts. This way I will pay tax on it. Sometimes this helps to take the sting out of the cost of a purchase.


I will gladly look at things in part exchange. The most usual for me is jewellery, coins and scrap precious metals, but I have handled Pens, tools and even a porcelain vase before. If in doubt, ask.

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