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Sustainability and Traceability.

Sustainability and Traceability are some of the "new" buzzwords in the jewellery industry. There are many who shout about these credentials and there are others, like me, that forget. Some use it purely as a marketing ploy, to others it's an essential way of doing business and part of their normal behaviour. What's it all about and why did I decide to write about it?

Firstly why did I decide to write about this? I subscribe to a few jewellers' mailing lists, some from a genuine interest and some to see what the competition is up to. One jeweller that I am genuinely interested in and admire is Stephen Einhorn .The company's recent email was titled "Do you know where your jewellery is coming from?" It links to an interesting blog post you can read here . It talks about where materials come from, recycling, fair trade and general work ethics. In all honesty, most of my clients don't ask these questions and the majority of customers that I have come in to contact with in my career haven't asked, apart from a few asking about conflict diamonds.

Please do read the above blog post as I think it's interesting reading. I've put my responses to the questions raised below as well as a final statement. Also have a look at Stephen's film and television work here, as it's pretty interesting and something I would love to do.

Where do your Diamonds come from?

I don't deal in Diamonds very much. Keeping stock is expensive and a very cutthroat market, I would rather concentrate on other things. When I do deal with Diamonds, they come from select dealers that I have assurances from that they comply with the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is not perfect, but does help to screen out Diamonds from the less desirable sources where the money from traded Diamonds is more likely to be funding wars, genocide and other nasty things. It's not a pe