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The Demise of Another British Brand.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Links of London. A brand that has been familiar with many in the UK and abroad for almost 30 years. One of the great British Brands of this century and I don't think that's an understatement.

I started dealing with Links of London in 1995 when I changed job to work for Bruford's of Exeter (then William Bruford and Son.) who had been a stockist or agent since almost the beginning of the company.

It all started in 1989 with Annoushka Ducas, a jewellery designer, being asked to make some fish cuff links for her mothers fish wholesale business. Due to the economies of scale in casting and assembling, Annoushka had many spares. She approached Harvey Nichols in a lunch break and offered her Leaping Salmon cuff links and they were interested as long as she had more to the collection. Annoushka went back to the drawing board and in 1990, with the help of her husband, the brand of Links of London was born with little realisation of how big it would become.

When I started dealing with Links of London it was always a fun experience "What have they got now?" I was, and still am, a prolific wearer of cuff links and I was always keen to see what was next. A range of gift-ware was launched in the mid to late 90's and I loved it. The Toy Solider Salt and Pepper, the Ducks on a Pond trinket box were amongst my favourites. Cold enamel (paint) started to appear in some of the collections, charms, jewellery and so on. Some designs you knew were going to be a hit (Sweetie), others much less so (Silkworm), but it was always interesting.