Aquamarine Bead necklace on a 9ct white gold clasp.


A row of lovely light Greenish Blue faceted Aquamarine beads finished with a 9ct white gold trigger clasp and closed ring.


Perfect for summer, winter or anywhere in between.


The row is approximately 46.5cm (18 1/4") long in total and the beads graduate from approximately 3mm - 9.5mm in diameter.  The beads are almost certainly heat treated as this is pretty much a standard for Aquamarine, but this treatment is stable. The beads weigh just over 115cts.


If you would like these on a silver clasp to bring the price down, this is possible also, please send a message to enquire.


Thank you for looking and please have a look around my shop

Aquamarine Beads on a 9ct white gold clasp.