A pair of Sterling Silver collar stiffeners with a hand engraved Bark Pattern.

Handmade 1mm thick collar stiffeners, or collar stays. These are 10mm wide and 60mm long ensuring a snug fit. I had used thinner ones for years and I was always irritated by the sloppy fit. This are made from hardened Sterling Silver to prevent bending and warping over time. Mine have even survived several trips through the washing machine.

The pattern on these is a hand engraved bark pattern on one side. This was inspired by the pattern on a tree in my local park here in Okehampton. Each pair, and in fact each one is different as they are entirely hand engraved, freehand.My daughter asked why I do patterned ones as they're hidden from view when worn. Although this was a good question, I had to explain that jewellery is for the wearer, not the observer. If you know the pattern is there and you like, nobody else matters.

Some of the other styles I make are pictured in picture 9 and You will be able to find them in my shop (unless I'm out of stock of course, but please enquire if you can't find them). Please note that the hallmark might be a slightly different arrangement to the photograph, this is because the Assay office sometimes change the order when I send them for hallmarking but they will be a pair.

Thank you for looking and please have a look around my shop.

Bark Pattern Collar Stiffeners