A set of Sterling Silver Cork Spikes on a chain.


I always think it's a shame when decanting a nice Port or Wine that the labels often used just say "Port" or "Wine" with no true idea of the contents. Most wines, fortified or not, have details on the cork such as the Warre's, Quinta Da Cavadinha, 2005 port in the picture. Using cork spikes is the ideal way to display the decanters contents.


These spikes have an 18mm round end with a 14mm spike on a Sterling Silver chain. The hallmark is on the edge of these.


To use, the cork is supported, end on, on a stable surface and the spike carefully pressed in. The other side is secured in a similar manor.


The cork, Decanter, Glass and Port are not included, but I do recomend the Port, especially after it's been decanted for a week. The decanter is a available from Dartington Crystal.


Thank you for looking.

Cork Spikes

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