Sterling Silver Decanter label.


The thing with a fine spirit or wine is that it should speak for itself. The addition of a very simple label to your decanter for identification should be enough.


This label is hand made and  very simply styled. The hand beaten label has a very slight ripple texture from the forming process, giving away it's hand made nature. It has cut corners for a more interesting and user friendly shape and a generous sterling silver chain to go over all but the most broad decanter necks. The hallmark is discreetly positioned on the back, other than that, it's ready to be engraved with the words of you choice. "Dad's Whisky", "Sloe Gin" , "Hand's Off" or whatever you like. Engraving is not included in the price, but I do have access to a very good hand engraver. Engraving can add 2-3 weeks to the delivery time.


The label itself measures approximately 45 mm x 30 mm (1 3/4" by 1 1/8"). 

Cut corner Decanter Label