Dartmoor Decanter Label.


Anyone that knows me knows that I love Devon and Dartmoor in particular. It's a place where I feel at home, which is lucky as it's where I live.


There has been a recent boom in many micro distilleries in the region and they are all of a high quality, Dartmoor Whisky ( https://dartmoorwhiskydistillery.co.uk/) and Papillon Gin (https://papillongin.co.uk/) are two great examples.


I made this decanter label in the shape of Dartmoor to make the origins of what was in my decanters obvious as well as making me smile whenever I look at the label and remembering all the great times I've had on the moor, as a child, growing up and now as a father. 


This pieces is hand pierced and shaped by myself. It measures approximately 45 mm high by 46 mm wide and comes on a generous 20 cm chain. This bears a full UK hallmark for Sterling Silver. 


It should be possible to produce one of these with your favourite wine region, county or place, please enquire.

Dartmoor Decanter Label