Eternal Heart Pendant in 9ct Rose Gold. (Pendant only)


I loved making this piece. I wanted to make a heart pendant, but felt hearts have been overdone.


This piece combines one of my favourite shapes, the Mobius ring (or loop), with the classic shape of a heart. The Mobius ring is a one sided shape. If you trace one of its sides, you will travel both inside and outside of the shape and finish up where you started. You can go on for eternity! And the heart? Well we all know what that means. When you combine the two, you have the perfect symbol of eternal love. The main part of the pendant measures approximately 25mm (1") wide by 30mm (1 1/4") long with the loop for the chain adding 7mm to the top.


This listing in for the pendant only. Thank you for looking and please have a look at my other items.

Eternal Heart pendant in 9ct Rose Gold