Ancient Origin Necklet.


A hall marked, fine silver (99.9% pure) necklet using the ancient "loop-in-loop" technique. The process starts with wire that is fused into rings, that are bent and interwoven with the next link. Absolutely no solder is used throughout this entire piece. Fusing involves getting the temperature of the metal up to the point of almost melting, then just melting at the join. This ancient technique produces a very strong join that I don't file or sand, so the joins are visible, but very strong (look at the close up picture to see what I mean). Entirely hand made by me in my Devon workshop.


This piece is 16.5" inches long and 4-5 mm wide. This necklet weighs approximately 29.8 grams and made entirely from recycled silver that I have refined, melted, rolled and formed into wire before starting to form, fuse and weave every link. Each one of these "loop-in-loop" pieces is a labour of love, taking many hours to complete, which is why my shop isn't flooded with them, but I love doing it. I have made up to 3 of these a year so far, so they are pretty exclusive. The clasp, is again made of fine silver, starting with a puddle of molten silver and gradually working it into the shape of wire needed to complete the piece. Again, this is attached by fusing and not soldering.


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Ancient Origin, Fine silver necklet