Gents Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring.

Traditional stamped Claddagh ring in Sterling silver. The head of this ring measures approximately 13.5 mm wide ant the widest point. The head is approximately 1.7 mm thick at the deepest point of the heart. This ring is available in finger sizes from O to Z UK size.


Why stamped? Stamping is the precious metal version of drop forging. This forces the grain of the metal to follow the shape of the ring and produces a much denser and tougher metal than casting. This means they are harder wearing and engrave very well.


The Claddagh ring is thought to originate from 17th Century Galway, Ireland. It represents Love (heart), Friendship (Hands) and loyalty or fidelity (Crown). There are different ways to wear the ring depending on your relationship status, these are;

Single: Heart Facing out and on your right hand.
In a Relationship: Heart facing in and on your right hand.
Engaged: Heart facing out, but now on your left hand.
Married: Heart facing in, and again on the left hand.

Gents Silver Claddagh Ring