Keshi and Freshwater Cultured Pearl necklace.


I always find Keshi Pearls fascinating. The rippled surface and interesting shapes of these pearls keeps me amused for hours. The iridescence or orient that you get with the more unusual shapes is incredible, it doesn't show up well in the pictures on slate, but against the white it's clear to see.


The larger pearls are Keshi Pearls are produced when a pearl is removed from an Oyster or Mussel, but the Shellfish continues to produce a pearl. This results in these interesting shapes. The smaller pearls are freshwater cultured pearls which are naturally coloured, not dyed.


The row is approximately 86cm (33") long, strung on silk and with no clasp. There are 4 smaller pearls of approximately 5-6mm in diameter between every Keshi which measure approximately from 10mm wide to 20mm long. The smaller pearls have pleasing tones of Pink and peach while the larger pearls are predominantly white with iridescent reflections.


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Keshi and Freshwater Pearl necklace