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Not just another jewellery blog

It would be very easy to churn out lots of blog posts about subjects which are essentially “buy from me” and “use me for this”, but I hope to have a little more than that. Although I know I’m probably the most avid reader of my blog, my goal is to share. Naturally jewellery, gemmology and related subjects are the easiest for me to write about as this is my life, but I also hope to include some articles about collecting (as I collect many things myself) and some of the fantastic craftspeople and artists that I admire and have had the pleasure of meeting.

As always, I am grateful for any suggestions on topics. I can be a bit of a gemstone, jewellery and mineral nerd and must remind myself that not everybody wants to read about the re-crystallisation processes in subduction zones, pyroclastic flows, causes of colour in Diamonds and why some gemstones change colour. A little helpful steering would be great. The whole idea is to provide you, the reader (excluding me), with things you want to read about.

Watch out for the new posts, and please do get in touch.

Best wishes,


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